Stock Fonts

Typography comes in all shapes & sizes

Embroidery lettering

We offer various fonts that we have categorized as Basic, Script & Fun.

Blue and grey cap with 3D embroidered lettering on the front

Choose your font style

Basic Fonts

Generally considered to be the most trusted fonts on the planet.

Script Fonts

Script fonts are those that mimic cursive handwriting.

Fun Fonts

These fonts bring a creative, unique touch and are far from ordinary.

Can't choose which font is right for your? Let our talented embroidery designers create a custom look.

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Embroidery lettering layouts

Want to add interest to your plain text embroidery? Choose a lettering layout from below for a polished look!

Arch 1


Arch 2


Arch 3


Arch 4






Shell Upper 1


Shell Upper 2


Shell Lower


Embroidery tails

An easy way to add a little sport or eye-catching flair to your plain text embroidery is to add a tail.

You can even add a second name-drop using Tail 2. It's simple and fun!

Tail 1

Tail 2

Providing your own artwork

Do you have artwork you would like to supply to our artists? Please attach in an email the file in the acceptable formats: JPG, PDF, AI, and PNG.

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